Brazilian citizenship by marriage (staying duration)


I am a Syrian expat that is currently working in china for over than two years , i have met my brazilian gf and we want to get married, and she doesn't mind me applying for citizenship. What is the next step ? How long will it truly takes? Do we have to stay in brazil to get the citizenship ? Cuz we both work in china .
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I would strongly suggest that you and your girlfriend contact the Brazilian Embassy in China in order to get a clearer answer for your query.

As per my understanding you must have lived in Brazil for atleast 1 year prior to being "eligible" to apply for citizenship!! Furthermore you must be able to read/write and understand basic Portuguese.  Along with showing a sound financial backing in terms of either a job or your own business.

The entire process can vary anywhere from 6 months to a maximum of 2 years.

However the above mentioned details are for people who reside within Brazil. Since your girlfriend and you are living outside of the country different rules might apply

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