I am visiting FRANCE twice within the next 4 weeks..... firstly to METZ (via Luxemborg) next week then 2 weeks later to PARIS to show support for your country in hosting The European Football Finals.

I am concerned regarding any travel disruption during this period.
Air,train,taxi and Metro (in Paris)

I see many reports in the media regarding the current French Industrial Strikes but sometimes the press can exaggerate a bad situation and make it seem worse than it really is?

Can you give me a true picture of the current situation during the time of my stay please...for example 'does the industrial action effect ALL types of public transport?'

'what is/will be the potential disruption firstly in METZ (via Luxemborg) and also secondly  in PARIS during my dates.

I will greatly appreciate your reply and I thank you in advance....I am looking forward to visiting  your country again!

Have a good week!

Hi Tartanjimmy,

Just to inform you that i have moved your present thread to the France forum since your posted on the Leicester forum.

You will be more likely to get some feedbacks on this forum.

All the very best,

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