Permanent residency in Philipines ?

temploni :

If you want to apply for citizenship you must live in the country for 10 years or if you are married to a filopina after 5 years. You will have to give up your British citizenship. You will not be allowed dual unlike your wife who can apply for both.

i am belgian citizen and alowed to have dual citizenship,and as i am maried to a filipina i am very happy to hear i can have it after only 5 yrs as i tooght i had to wait 10 yrs
so thank you ever so much for this good tiding ya gave me .
greets Dirk

By owning property, you mean condo, right? No foreigner can own land but can buy a condo if certain requirements are met...

Don't be a fool my friend. Don't blow all that cash getting a permanent visa. Come here as a tourist and stay for as long as it takes for you to decide if this country is your cup if tea.

Don't get in a big hurry getting hooked up with a Filipina. Even one small gesture of kindness towards them triggers the "I love you" and they cling like turds to a blanket. Take time, stay away from the hotties, 99% if them just wants your bucks..

If you do come, upon touch down, go to the BI office inside the terminal. They will give you 59 day visa right of the bat. Then take it to the immigration checkpoint. This will save you at least one visit to the local office...btw after your first 2 months (i think it's 2 months) they will be hitting you for $50US fee for an ACR-1 card. (Visitor Status).

According to the philippine immigration site unless it has changed. If you are a foreigner (not a previous filipino returning or child of a filipino)
You will have to give up your rights as a Belgian citizen. I dont think that would be adviseable.

As promised I emailed the UK international pension dept in UK concerning the payment of pension into the Philippines. I have cut and pasted their reply

Dear Mr Jones

Thank you for your email to Newcastle Pension Centre (International Group) dated 8 June 2016

The UK state pension can be paid all over the world, so yes we can pay to the country where you are resident. You will need to contact us by post or telephone to give us your banking details.

The Pension Service 11
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LW
United Kingdom

Telephone:     0044 191 2187777 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm United Kingdom time)

Yours Sincerely


+44 191 2187777
The Pension Service 11
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LW
United Kingdom


So  straight from the horses mouth, however a word of warning, I presume the money will be sent Via the Swift system, Well i bank with PNB and the international address for swift deposits the money to  the head office in manila then they re post to your bank account wherever you live. So be prepared to wait and not hope they send out immediately.I have never used this system and will be keeping the one I use around 10 or 11 O'clock every 28 days my money is in my bank here in Mindanao. another word of warning, I fell foul of this, due to Philpost not delivering a letter to me, concerning Proof of life I did not receive the letter so did not confirm and my pension was stopped. A short telephone call and it was reinstated, but a week late. They emailed me the document and I had it duly signed and stamped by an attorney. I sent via EMS If you don't know, it's the express mail service and is tracked, very cheap and usually takes about 18 to 21 days to arrive in UK. Just ask at philpost for EMS.

i always get my proof of life signed and stamped by the barangay captain and then i copy it and send it by E-mail to my pension funds in Belgium.
works great and in this way i am know in the barangay wich is a good thing to hehe
greets Dirk

Good for you.....unfortunately for me, i am an Australian and those **** politians there decided I don't get my veterans pension because I live outside of australia.........

my pension go's on a acount in my country (belgium) and from there i load by internet what ever amount i need on my prepaid mastercard ,this is easy safe and quit cheap.
am ex military (20 yrs belgian royal navy) and  as many ex military live abroad for once the politicians realised them have to ceep there promises .

greets Dirk

Rammers :

Yes the British Pension Service. Will Pay your Pension in the Philippines.


Your UK Basic State Pension(BSP) can be paid anywhere in the world - that's not a problem. Likewise the Philippines has a reciprocal tax treaty with the UK, so your pension will not incur 'double taxation'.


For UK expats, the BSP is paid at a flat rate and will not be indexed, unlike for pensioners residing in the UK. If you intend to maintain a UK address, or use the address of a close relation/sibling AND maintain a UK Bank Account whilst living in the Philippines, several expats (globally) simply keep their mouth shut and get their [indexed] BSP paid into their UK account - and forward sums on ad-hoc basis. Very naughty of course;) haha

I think this is very important for expats to realise, as pension indexation (or lack of) will dramatically effect the amount received longer term. Not so important if you have other income - but certainly unfair and worthy of note if you will be relying on your BSP significantly.

Just a little "heads up". Welcome :)

Mark does your government pension get its annual increase living in the philippines or is it frozen from the time you receive it.

Additional note for UK Expats.

Although I have not checked recently for any amendment; however small it might be, the last time I checked, the UK Widows Pension payment is not paid to UK Citizens with 'overseas' spouses i.e. spouses who do not hold UK citizenship. To get the payment, they too need to have been living in the UK permanently for a significant number of years.

As before. Just a little "heads up" so others can checkout their individual eligibility status on the matter.....

Munchie :

Good for you.....unfortunately for me, i am an Australian and those **** politians there decided I don't get my veterans pension because I live outside of australia.........

:offtopic: So, a bit like the Gurkhas not receiving war pensions from the UK when they were recognised as UK Citizens when they were fighting/dying for Great Britain - but when it came to 'payback' they were forgotten about! Thanks to Joanna Lumley's campaigning that changed a couple of years back - but it took 70 years to right that ****** wrong!

Joke of the Day

Politics + Religion = Democracy


UK pension is indexed, we have a reciprocal agreement with the PH. Whilst I have a UK bank to which I pay my pension into, the pension service have my full PH address and my pension is increased every year. Proof of life means you have to personally present proof of life, so if your pretending to live in the UK but not, your pension will be stopped.

Yes for .PH but no other ASEAN country (like popular Thailand etc.)

And it makes me laugh that no commonwealth countries are listed for the annual indexation.

belgian pension also index coppeled ,every 6 month send a proof of life by e-mail to the pension fund .
my pension go's on belgium acount and from there i transfere what i need to prepaid mastercard,husle free ,easy to use and safe ,dont think it can be easyer.
greets Dirk

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One caveat, You need to deposit  the equivalent of 20k US to qualify for that Visa the money is yours and you can use the interest, but you must maintain that balance. If you don't have that, its about 14k pesos (300US) for visas over year up to 3 years or you can leave the country every 59 days RT Hong Kong under 200
Not advising but I know others who have,  Just blend in don't cause problems and no one will care about your status My reservation on this option is, If you want to leave then you will pay all back fees before you can depart.

59 days have to leave! No that is totally wrong provided you keep your visa up to date it is every 3 years. The ssrv route is very expensive if you are not a retired military. The srrv deposit can be used to buy a condo or use for long term lease on a house and lot. My advice always is to treat these statements on here as advisory rather than gospel. Always get the correct answer from the department concerned. That way you will get the most up to date answer

Agree its best yo just check with immigration.   My experience in March was The first 59 days is a free visa time period after that you must get Visa extensions. if that's not what I wrote  that is what I was trying to say. The firsts extension  was right at 4k PESOS good for another 59days the second extension good for 6 months was 6k  with a national ID.  I believe after that you can I apply annually but only up to 3 years When ever you leave the country that process starts again.   Of course the only time I have seen any enforcement was at the Airport in Manila or Cebu and only if you are on an international  flight.

I am pretty sure you can stay up to 16 months you just need to go to the BI every 2 months ( 2 or 3 days before your current stamp expires) and pay the appropriate fee on your second extension you will required to get an ID so the fee is a little bit higher for that one. All in all it works out to about $1.25 US per day if you amortize.

Under the current settings, it is up to 36 months. BI has started extending my visa 6 months at a time let see amortized, over a year it is about $24.66 a month over a year which is good I think. Considering my living expenses are about  $1300 a month but I live well.

Unless you have much money i was told not to go that way as you had to deposit US$ 10kl with them. Become a permanent resident. This will cost you PHP 10kl the first year for temporary resident, then the same the next year for the permanent residence visa. Then 300 pesos every year if paid on time.
But if you intend to return to your country be prepared to pay 5kl php.  If you are married to a Filipino and that person is with you when you come you can come in with a Balik  Bayan promo.  But you must leave after 12 months for 3 days. Now until you are a permanent resident or resided here for 12 months you cannot get a drivers license

You can get a driving license if you are not a permanent registered person.
In fact it is a requirement that if you are in the country for more than 3 months you must apply for a filopino license if you want to drive here.

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