New to Vietnam/Travelling outside of EU

Hi, I am looking to move to Vietnam (potentially Hanoi) in September this year to teach English. I have all relevant qualifications and have been in contact with schools, etc. I have seen lots of different info about tourist visas vs. buisness visas and also a multi-entry one year option that has appeared!? What is best to go for coming from the UK?.. Are there two different types of tourist visa..30 day/90 day? I will ask the schools to attempt to find out how much help I would get with visa application but understand there are some...grey areas? So a few simple basic pointers about entry into Vietnam, tips etc would be great to hear from you all.

I am not here teaching English, but I would put the responsibility of the visa on any potential employer.

Sounds like you should have a type of work visa. I would not accept any other type of visa, from an employer here.

Some people will tell you that you do not need a work visa, and a tourist visa is will be ok. I do not accept that theory.

Working in Vietnam=work visa

Best of luck.

As I know,  you can take business visa to work in Vietnam. Tourist Visa for Vietnam is issued before arrival and the typical visa is valid for 30 or 90 days. YOu can take Vietnam visa on arrival from a reliable travel agent. You just apply online and after 2 working days, you can get your approval letter. The fee is higher. The price varies depending on different travel agent. If you work for a company, let ask to get your visa sponsored. The fee for this one is cheap.

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