Permanent Residency Status

Hi wonder if anyone knows how you would get permanent residency status without getting married!  I checked on visa websites and it is very strangely worded as helping to build the fatherland of Vietnam...any advice greatly appreciated, would love to make this my home and possibly in the future become a Vietnamese citizen but read you need 5 years permanent residency status...thank you:)

It's not going to happen unless you do something for the Fatherland. if you (really?)  'want to do something for the Fatherland...'    ..there are plenty of NGO's just waiting for your (voluntary) services...     Networking is the subliminal benefit.

  Get away from the stereotypes.   Teaching English is a good fall-back, but trade skills are also in short supply.    ..and while you may not be a proficient carpenter, welder or tutor of graphic arts, I'm equally certain you will have (even) life skills Vietnamese people need as they lurch towards the Western values...   As an addition to their own communal culture; uniquely Vietnamese, not to be swallowed whole, as we see in many other countries.    But open minds are equally scarce...

  Opportunities abound.   They need you.

  Go for it!      :top:

Thank you for the advice, most useful. I have 16 years higher education experience working on EU funded exchange programmes. Hopefully will be able to find an NGO who may be able to utilize my skills!

Working for an NGO might make you eligible for a 2 year work related Temporary Residence Card but it is highly doubtful that it will make you eligible for permanent residence or citizenship which requires 5 years as a permanent resident.  My understanding is that the last people awarded Vietnamese citizenship participated in the war against the US. 

Now if you could coach the national football team to a World Cup victory :one you would be a shoo-in.

Thanks! Best I can do is darts!

Would that be topless darts,lol.

You wouldn't want to witness that:D

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