Moved to Dubai - Company closed down - Searching for a new job!

Hi all,

I moved to Dubai at the beginning of 2016 to work for a property firm which abruptly closed down. Slightly annoying packing up my comfortable life in the UK for something that was only to last a few weeks.

I have been offered a few positions since but nothing that seems a reasonable salary to live off in this expensive city (hats off to the people who do). It also seems that recruitment agents are having a hard time sourcing available positions at the moment and the market is apparently down 35% this year for new openings.

My background is investment management and have worked at senior level running a UK office.

Keen to start something as soon as possible. Open to new avenues. If you work for a company out here that is recruiting and you can get my CV on the right desk - please message your email address and I will send my CV to you right away.

Much appreciated!


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