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First, our school is located in the southern China province of Guangdong (pronounced like "gwang-dong"), near Guangzhou City, otherwise known as the Canton.  Our school is 21 years established and is the first IB Certified World School within China with the full IB educational programs of PYP, MYP, and DP.  The IB program is one of the most rigorous and rewarding education programs world-wide and we are a major leader in it as we have helped to pioneer the programs for 15 years now.  Additionally, we are a private boarding school that is also a certified and licensed UK CIE Cambridge educational institution.  We have the Cambridge Early Learners program, Cambridge assessments, UK IGCSE, and A-Levels.  The CIE program spans from Kindergarten all the way to grade 12, providing a British curriculum that is also very challenging and interesting.  We provide these programs because we want our students to have options to go the university that best suits their skill-sets and provides them with the ability to become life-long, self-disciplined learners.  The proof is in our graduation rate, our 100% college/university acceptance rates, and those students that go out into the world from our campus to build businesses and pay it forward to the communities they become a part of after university completion.
While working with our school you will have privilege to several structured types of training.  The primary PYP for both Kindergarten and Primary grades 1-3, and 4-5 take part in the following:

Our CGS professional development consists of:
•    Placing PYP into practice within the classroom workshops
•    IB visitations
•    IB Visitors face-to-face events
•    CGS hosts their own IB workshops
•    Classroom training
•    Unit planning
•    Language Carousel Building
•    Approaches to Teaching/Learning
•    Attending IB conferences in China/Asia
•    Weekly department planning’s
•    IB Department sessions
•    Online
•    Blended (multiple aspects)
•    Learning Managebac Software (constructing lessons)

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