Best surburbs with excellent senior schools required info please

We are thinking of moving to Australia and visa is no problem.  We will be buying our own home.  I need to find a nice surburb to move to that has an excellent grammar or private school, preferably girls only but co-ed also possible.  Was thinking of somewhere around Canberra, Sydney is probably too busy for us, no crocs or flies needed in our face so think Darwin and Adelaide are out and dont want temperature to be too cold or too hot, somewhere in between.  Sorry is any assumption is wrong its just what I have found from internet research so far.  Would also like to be near to but not on top of a beach.

For those that know Australia well can you advise further on what type of area I should be looking, ruled out Queensland as well.

Any decent advice appreciated to get a better idea of where to live.  I know nothing will be better than actually getting there but its still a very large country if you have no starting point to consider.

Thank you.

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