Learning vietnamese

Hi everyone, I'm coming to Hanoi on Monday (1st of May 2016) for 1 month, I'm looking for a Vietnamese language teacher.

1 on 1 tuition or in small groups. I can easily go to a school or enrol in a class but I thought I'd ask here.

I am from England and this is my second time in Vietnam. I am an absolute beginner and can only say hello and count to 10 (badly) haha.

I have a Vietnamese girlfriend and I will be living in times city. I want to learn more about the culture of Vietnam also.

If anyone has advise or feels they can teach me please get in contact with prices etc..also I play acoustic guitar so a possible guitar lesson/Vietnamese lesson trade could work also! Haha.

Thank you...lee

Hello Lee and welcome on board! :cheers:

We have a lot of vietnamese teacher on the site! To avoid publicity here, I invite you to check out adverts in the proper section of the site and also drop yours there :top:

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