Moving to Guinea Conakry with your family

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When settling abroad with your spouse and children, the expatriation process requires an extensive preparation.

What are the considerations to take into account when moving to Guinea Conakry with your family? What challenges have you faced? How did your children adapt to their new environment?

What is your recipe for a successful family expatriation in Guinea Conakry?

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I work here on and off for the past 5 years, but this is maybe the only capital on the earth, that's not suitable for someone with the family, because there is not enough school, there is one French school, if you have young kids, that's not a good idea to bring there here, I think it's ok if you have kids under 7 or 8.

Welcome to beautiful And exotics Guinea

Yes it is true the education system isn't all that great due to the lack of material a public school. You have to invest a little in a private school for a good education for your kids. Guinea has so many excellent private school. I started my education there , to be honest the system of education of guinea is better than the state. I don't think you should worried about education.the few things you should take in consideration depending of where you will be comming from. Perhaps the climate Guinea has 2 season rain half of the year and sunny the other half, but not as hot as the climate in the USA due to the water that surrounds the other thing might be the health issues.

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