Open a file for driving licence in A.Dhabi. Where to go?

hello i would Like To open a file for driving license In Abu Dhabi.
Informations on internet are not clear .
Can someone give me the exact adress where I Have To Go ?
And the price approximately ?
Thank you 😜

Hi Mimiemy,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

You can go to Emirates Driving School in Mussafah. You can call 181 to get thier number.

Thank you . 😊

emirates driving is very good


You Can go to Emirates Driving School in Abu Dhabi and Located in Musaffah...
You can take Taxi, they know very well..



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Thank you 😉


How long it took to open the file and get the licence?

Hi Priscilla,

Do you know if Mimiemy still active?

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