Accommodation in Rome

Dear All,
Can some one advise me on how to find a nice and decent accommodation around Roma Tre University. Am looking at between 300-350 euro/month


How many bedrooms? What would you look for in terms of standards?
300-350 euros won't take you far in Rome, unfortunately!

PS: there is a very active Yahoo Groups community of expats in Rome on VCN Rome. You might give it a try there. Often they have low cost accommodation deals...


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The average for a room here in Rome is around 450 - 550. One of the best resources is the VCN Group -
At the moment it is full of adverts as most students have just left so you may pick up a bargain.   You will need to register to see all the announcements but they include international meeting events, items for sale, Italian lessons, general help and advice etc, so really worth joining.

Good luck

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