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I have been traveling back and forth to the DR for years and staying up to one month at a time. I've been renting a house here in the states for years and my landlord told me he is giving it up to his daughter by January. I work from home and do not want to lose my American Job so I am having trouble with completely moving to Dominican Republic because of issues I've had with internet, electricity, water you name it. Has anyone on this forum moved there with an American Job and went all in? Instead of paying rent in America just live in Dominican Repubilc full time? How do you work with the internet? I've read the other posts about the generators, inverters and etc. Do you feel it is reasonable that I can completely move to Santo Domingo by January without having a home here in the U.S. Or is it better to have a place in America that you can come back and forth too? I prefer just paying rent in one place if at all possible. Thoughts?

First off you can certainly work remotely from here and many do.  Depending on where you are your internet, electricity (with backup) and such should be fine.  It is very rare that we do not have internet (high speed), this happens for a few minutes or so once a month otherwise very reliable.

Most rental units have some sort of backup for electricity and you will need this whether it is a generator or inverter. We share a generator with other villas and are NEVER with out electricity.

As to a US address we do maintain one and it is a "personal mailbox" (mail forwarding service) that was good enough for a Florida driver's license as well as registered to vote in Florida.  We also maintain several bank accounts in the US with no problem living here.  All of our "non Dominican" banking is done via the internet.

So in short yes what you are proposing is doable and ,not all the difficult to accomplish.  Your biggest hurdle will be adapting to life here.  The DR is not for everyone and as you probably discovered living here is vastly different than visiting a a tourist.

Keep asking questions and READ, READ, READ the multiple posts here on living in the DR.

Bob K

IT is very doable in  Santo Domingo.  There most units will NOT have a back up electrical system unless you live in an apartment tower - but the rents will be high.

Get in a good neighborhood,  get an inverter with batteries for back up.  Get good high speed internet and get back up internet!   

You will be just fine. Many people work online for international companies and do fine!  Backup is the key.

It's not a problem. Just takes a little time to get things lined up.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I am looking into reliable inverters now and I will definitely have a back up internet in the past I have stayed at Malecon Center and I was told it sounded like I was in a wind tunnel( I can not use cellular I must use VOIP phone from my company)  by clients, perhaps that is due to slow internet (any suggestions ? )  perhaps it was because the apartment was close to the water but I'm dipping my toes in. Also I wanted to share with you that if anyone is interested in purchasing a car in the USA and having it sent to DR I can help with that. If interested feel free to send me a private message.

Internet has gotten better and prices on new plans are actually dripping. In the capital check both Claro and Tricom for for fiber optic availability.

I have the Tricom 100mbsp/5mbps triple play (internet, good hd cable, and 800 minutes to the US), and that costs me a little over $RD 6,000 per month.  That comes out to around $135.  The internet is reliable most of the time.  I live in Santo Domingo.  One caveat is that it was very difficult to get that internet.  If you don't have a credit history in the DR, which I do not, you're going to have to know someone.  I am fortunate to know an executive at Tricom, and he signed off on the deal.

Nice thank you. I had Tricom at the Malecon Center and it went out a few days and sometimes I was told it sounded like I was in a wind tunnel. I hope it was because I was on a high rise next to the ocean.  I may give them another shot more inbound and have a pocket wifi as a backup.

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