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Am Mrs. Rumeela Joorawon (Ramprosand). Am a mauritian. Am 34yrs old and work as Clerk in a filling station in Mauritius. I would really like to move to Reunion island just for a new change in my life. I am facing some problems here, so I just want to have a new challenge in my life. I shall be grateful if you people can help me find a job in your beautiful island. I have a school certificate and also computer literate. I have already worked as Administrative Secretary in a manufacturing industry for 7 years. Thus, I feel I can manage and lead a happy life working in Reunion Island. I could have tried else where for example Canada or Australia, but the reason is my parents. Reunion Island is not too far from Mauritius as others mentioned and this will facilitate my travel to my native island to help my parents.

So, I kindly request you if I can get some help please.
My contacts: Email address: rooparum16[at]

You may refer me jobs as Clerk, Receptionist or Secretary as per my qualifications or I can manage also if I get some jobs like Baby sitter.

Thank you all in advance who will find my introduction and will understand my need to move.

Hello Rumeela Ramprosand,

I have created a new thread from your previous post in the Reunion Island so that members can help you the best way by their expertise.

While awaiting them to interact, I suggest you drop an ad in the Jobs in the Reunion Island.

Good Luck  :par:


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