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Got married to a Filipina girl in December 2014 and the Australian Government reduced my pension???
This makes no sense to me at all, can someone shed some light on this please

Hi! I tried to research your problem and I got the following links below that could be the reason why Australian Government reduced your pension

* Social Security Entitlements:

-  Age Pension:

International agreements (I could not find the Philippines here)

Formal agreements exist between Australia and Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hellenic Republic, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Malta, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. The Agreement with the United Kingdom ended on 1 March 2011. For information on claiming UK Pensions, paying voluntary contributions or other matters relating to UK social security, visit the website of HM Revenue and Customs or Department for Work and Pensions or The Pensions Service.

Continue reading through this link

International Social Security Agreements

The agreements help if you have lived in both Australia and an agreement country and have been covered by that other country’s social insurance scheme.

The payments you may be able to get vary between different countries and their social security agreements with Australia. All agreements cover Age Pension, but some also cover pensions such as Disability Support Pension, Carer Payment (adult), Double Orphan Pension, and Parenting Payment (single). Continue reading through this link. … agreements


Hey Thanks for trying,
I am reasonably sure the Philippines does not have an agreement with Australia.
My beef is that I was on more money as a single person ?? I will  continue to look into it
Thanks again for your input

Geoffb2289 :

Got married to a Filipina girl in December 2014 and the Australian Government reduced my pension???
This makes no sense to me at all, can someone shed some light on this please

Current maximum Aged pension rates (per fortnight) in Australia are:

$ 854.30    Single Person
$ 644.00    Married person (Each)
$1,288.00 Married Couple (Joint)

Most countries will do the same. They assume that couples are similar ages, and that both will get a pension each, and that is is cheaper to live as a couple than as two singles, so they don't need as much.

The one NOT getting the pension may also be expected to be working,  and therefore providing income to the couple.
This may also be taken into account, and reduce any pension even further.

Getting married does not always have financial benefits, and this is worth looking into, so that we know what the financial future is, before it happens,

so sorry about that....i am a american...the usa would never do that...

The same thing happened to me when I married a Chinese bitch in Australia.
They are the rules with Centrelink, and that is why I am not going to marry here in the Philippines.
I WONT even live with a woman here, because then she classed as my partner, and my pension will also decrease, so she visits me on the odd days but never stays.
Once bitten twice shy.

From this thread I assume that Australia pays the aged pension even to those living overseas.

Does anyone have problems in proving income for the income test ?

To get the pension paid overseas there is a thing called "portability ".
If you are a new applicant, once you get the pension you have to stay in Oz for 2 years before the Govt will pay the pension overseas. 
Check out this website

i married a thai in thailand and true the Australian Embasy centerlink find out so they cut my single pension to a married pension lost $100 au a week also i had to pay back over a $1000 au So i got devorce next day took 10 min and $15 au fax my devorce papers all in thai to centerlink next day i phone them and was told am back on single pension  Daniel

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