Amended Philippine Passport; What name to use to book flights?

I am confused... Not getting answer from the Philippine Embassy in Bern.
(FYI: Amendment of Philippine Passport to reflect married name still in process, nearing  a month long now):-(
And lost opportunities to book cheap domestic flights while awaiting to get back my passport...Sigh...


The amendment to reflect the married name is only stamped at page 3 of the passport while the single name appears at page 2. (The Wohnungkontrol Officer said that it is best to book the flights under the single name because the B Permit is named after the single name, based as appeared in the passport while the married name is reflected at the back of the B Permit ID.

I just wanna avoid any inconvenience at the Immigration during the travel days.

Note:Most of what I read so far they simply reported the marriage but never applied for amendment of passport to reflect the married name and booked their flights using the single name. (There is just not much time to renew plus the fact that my current Phillippine passport is not expiring until year 2018) In my case, passport is amended. So again the question goes: Single or the Married Name? My cousin had an experinece being held longer by Immigration Officer in Spain because she used her married name to book the flights. The Immigration Officer didn't understand that the amendment reflected her married name and confused it with her single name in her passport.)

The best advice I can give to you is to use your own name which is given to you by birth.
This is your official name, your marriage name is just an addition. You can use it but it is not yours.

I heard several stories about problems by the immigration about the names who  were not correct spelled. So please make sure that your name on the ticket is the same in your passport.

Thanks a lot @Primadona for sharing your point of view as regards the matter... :-) I am looking Forward to hear also from a co-Filipino. Anyone please???

Hello ,perhaps you could contact the airline you are planning to fly with  ,enquire if name on ticket can be changed after booking flight  as that would be the first issue you would face  ,if you also plan to fly domestic within Philippines -then it wouldn't be an issue as passport info isn't required when booking flights   ,when are you planning to travel?.

@greenetravel... as per the passport section of the Phil.Embassy in Bern told few minutes ago this morning, there will be no problem if I use either of the single or married name for as long as I carry with me an original copy of my marriage certificate (he told me a certified true copy or one that is notarized is not needed if the original copy is available). He even suggested I get the Name of the BI Officer in the Philippines if he/she tried to make some inconvenience (unfortunately there are some BI Officers who see opportunity to milk money out of any situation...sigh...)

Actually he told first that I should use my married name as it is indicated already in page 4 of my passport. But he also didn't see any problem if I still use  my single name as it is the one that can be first seen. He agree with me that is most convenient especially for purposes of boarding the airplane.

Anyhow...I'm still not hundred percent confident and like what you said it is best to ask the Airlines what to use and I will also further seek Infos from those who had gone thru the very same case before... WAITING SOMEONE SHARES HIS/HER EXPERIENCE...

Oh well the Philippine Consular Office in Geneva gave the answer instantly. Since the Passport is already amended ergo the married Name should be the one to be used to book the flights. Phoned the Airlines too and the representative told that all the Crew members are aware as regards amended names in passports but he advised that I bring my marriage certificate as proof. There...:-)

Whatl remained to be clarified is with the Swiss Immigration. My B Permit is both in my single name (front of the B Permit ID) and married name (back of the B Permit ID) because my passport has yet been amended at the time the B Permit was applied.

After diging myself what must have been done? Report the marriage a.s.a.p. as late reporting is with penalty but when there is a planned vacation that can't wait the maximum 10 weeks waiting period to renew the passport to reflect the married name, IT IS BEST NOT TO AMEND THE PASSPORT MEANWHILE TO SIMPLIFY WHAT NAME TO USE TO BOOK THE FLIGHT. ;-)

It would have been helpful if the official websites of the Philippine Embassies provide detailed Guidelines on this but none:-(

greenetravel :

Hello ,perhaps you could contact the airline you are planning to fly with  ,enquire if name on ticket can be changed after booking flight  as that would be the first issue you would face  ,if you also plan to fly domestic within Philippines -then it wouldn't be an issue as passport info isn't required when booking flights   ,when are you planning to travel?.

To change the name on the ticket after booking can cost you a lot.
Why should you to pay?

it depend the airline    -if only amendment  -perhaps no fee

All is settled now as regards what name to use. It's the married name because the amendment is done officially and is allowed only for certain instances one of which is Change of Name because of marriage.

The only Problem now???
Got my amended passport and lo and behold, the date of marriage as handwritten is wrong! Oh yeah....Not spelling error of names (mine and that of my husband) but error on the date of marriage!!!

Sadly but this is the quality of consular services most Philippine representations abroad do... :-(
It really sucks that almost a month of waiting and the simplest 3 details cannot be written all correctly :-(
(I once read that all amendments must come in "visa-type" and not simply stamped (oh by the way you hardly can read the texts in the stamped words. Running out of ink too??? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!!! )

Hi Gemini478, I have private messaged you my question regarding this. Hoping for your response, thanks! :)

4 getting a ticket u have 2 use the name as it appears on ur valid passport

I have been inactive for quite a while... Yeah, it is better to use the name as it appears in the bio page of the passport (that page where your ID pic is shown) then just bring along with you your marriage certificate in case someone looks for it to prove that you are traveling with your husband. It went fine in my flights and even during our cruise.

I would like to say that just go for passport renewal due to change of name (maried name) rather than simply go for an amendment. It will save you time and money as well. In case you are to travel while the renewal is in process, you may tell the staff at the Phil.Embassy and you can borrow the passport to be renewed while waiting for the renewed one. Yes, that is allowed. But as soon as the renewed passport is available, you have to return the old passport to the Phil.Embassy so that they can cancel it (puting a whole in it) then you can get the new one along with the cancelled old passport. I only was made aware of it by the new staff at the Phil.Embassy in Bern last year. I am so grateful that she is so knowledgeable about her job. I feel obligated to share it here so others may know. ( If the staff at the Phil.Embassy refuses to let you use the old passport while the renewed one is still in process, YOU CAN INSIST IN BORROWING IT! But please make sure that the validity of your old passport is at least 3-6 mos.depending where you plan to travel.) I hope this infos could help many. ^_^

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