9G Employment Visa costs


A company might offer me in the upcoming days a position as a consultant. That means that I would have to take care of the tax and visas fees. So I m now trying to estimate how much all of that would cost.

For the tax, it seems that there's a 32% tax rate for foreigners.

Concerning visa fees, I read that I will need first an AEP (Alien Employment Permit) from DOLE (Bureau of Local Employment), and then a 9G Employment visa from BI (Bureau of immigration). I found that the official fees are 8,000PHP for the AEP and 10,000PHP for the 9G. That's supposed to be for one full year.

So that's in total around 420 USD/year.
Is that really all, or should I expect some other "process" fees?

Thanks for your advises!

Hi Pfiff,

Im ratz from India and now in working in Manila. I am also looking for work visa procedures. My company told i have to shoulder my own expenses for visa fees. So please tell me when you get any info about it.


Hi Ratz

I m gathering all what I find on the internet about procedures and fees, as well as feedbacks. I ll send you all of it then ;)



Hi Pfiff,

The cost you computed are just the official fees. You also have to compute for your transportation costs and documentary fees. Make sure that your visa is not expired at the time you apply for the AEP, otherwise you have to extend your visa first before you submit your application. DOLE have rules on foreign employees' requirements, so make sure that you know about this to avoid penalties or be disapproved. Goodluck!!


Hi Ayin,

That's precisely what is hard to estimate, all the documentaries fees as "duly notarized" forms, and other certificates. I have no idea if it is around 500PHP or 5,000 to add!

I think the trick is that you need a Philippino company to sponser you for the work permits, they have to justify why they need to bring in a foreigner and that you have skills a local doesnt. Thats when all the extras kick in. This process can take a long time.


Apparently the total yearly costs for getting the papers (AEP, ACR-I Card and 9G Visa) is between 45,000 and 55,000 PHP.

I would suggest in getting a 9G employment visa, you get the assistance of a lawyer. Because it would require legal papers.

Continuing to look for answer..can one of you please let me know the total cost for securing the initial visa (9G) along with other required permits and then on the annual renewal... Please advice.

It can be arranged with total cost of around 90k Php for   9g(1 year) visa and I-Card. takes 1 months but can make it shorter with some extra expense on top of the 90k.

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Visa fee as of Oct 2016

aep application fee                  9000
visa extesion (1 month)            3300
ACR icard                                 3000-
PWP                                            3030
9G                                             10,042
express lane                              1000
total                                   Php 26,372
additional expenses for Notarial and documentation fee i paid around 10,000 pesos plus travel allowance of 5000 pesos.

Hi i need help coz this is my firstime
How can i sent a invitation visa what documents need?and how much it cost?

How much it cost?

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