job opportunity for foreigner in Baku and cost of living?

I am from Bangladesh and would like to get a small job. Its like waiter in restaurant or jobs of that class.
I am expert in computer but have no certificate.
How much will be the salary and how much is average cost in Baku?
Thanks in advance.

Hi man. First of all let me start with the fact that it is not easy to get a working visa in Azerbaijan. Due to low employment of citizens government is not interested in attracting foreigners, especially to the work which can be easily done by any local.

However, there ARE some people working here, especially the ones that come here as a student, but do consider that Baku is extremely expensive city and pay is not that high. You have no idea how the living cost is compared to Bangladesh. Thus, unless you get a license/diploma and find a proper job here, I dont think there is valuable point to leave your beloved ones behind to come here...

Dear aggieaze, thanks very much for your realistic response. It helped me to take the right decision. May almighty be with you.

You are welcome, my friend. I will be more than happy to help you further if you need...

I want to study in Azerbaijan. So how much job fecilities in Azerbaijan

what is rent cost of small ware house

I am from dominican republic i Live here in baku And i want to work

Normal apartament mínimum 300 dólar

I have student TRC I have five experience as Telecom technician .I have no work what I do

Hi everyone,

Just to inform you that this is an old topic. If you are looking for a job you should try to post an ad by creating your CV in the jobs in Azerbaijan section.

If you have any specific questions concerning your move to the country, then, you should start a new topic on the forum.

Thank you,

300 manat to 550 manat

we looking for job in naku
his there any job opening

plz tel us job market

Is there any job vacancies for IT professionals, like Windows server administration and network administration . Please let me know.

hai my name prasanth . i have azerbaijan e visa for 90 days. i need trc card and job in azerbaijan so what i do ?

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