A Return To The Magical Land For a Traveller.

Hi everyone. We are new to the ex-pat forum and hoping to use/abuse and make new friends on it. Yes, I visted Nepal in 1981 as part of an expedition to the Himalaya`s whilst in the Raf based in Hong Kong. I have always promised my wife I would  take her, and I am. I know things will have changed but I am sure we will enjoy it. I am ex-RAF (20 years) and ex (sorry) Police. Shirley was a Hospital administrator. We are now both over 50 but still 16 inside (are we not all 16 inside?) and looking to travel again. We have bought an around the world air ticket and the first stop is Mumbai, 18th June. From Mumbai we catch the train to Gorakphur to enter Nepal, from Nepal we fly to Hanoi and then travel overland through Vietnam, Cambodia then Thailand, Malaysia and then fly to Indonesia. After that is Australia, NZ, Cook Islands, then the USA. Big trip, lots of planning.... thats where our new-found ex-pat friends come in! We now live in Torrevieja, Spain, so, we are ex-pats too! Now, we beg you good people for your sagely advice. As said, we are coming to Nepal around 24th June, we would like a half-decent Hotel/Hostel to stay in for 3 nights and would value your suggestions, advice or opinions. We are not (and probably never will be unless the Lottery comes up trumps) Luxury people, as with most we just want a clean bed, a shower and a plug-socket. We really would appreciate any constructive replies. The Internet is FULL of places to stay in Nepal but its a minefield! Suggestions please folks, and thanks in advance.
Shirley and Buzby Winton, Loved, Just Loved Kathmandu. Best wishes.

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