Visa overstay 3 days

Hi Everybody! as said in topic, what should i do? is it
easier to pay for extra days on airport? only couple of days, so
do i have to pay over 3000P? thanks for helping me.

you should go to an immigration office and get an extention. extentions are around 2800 plus another 1000 or so for being late. you might have difficulty leaving without having extended first. You may also need to get an exit visa now because you are past the normal visa time.

Does it make difference if i have 21 days turist visa? Just booked my flights accidentally for 24 days.
....i know, my mistake :|


I have a buddy that overstays sometimes and just pays at the airport...

If you have extra time, you will save a few bucks going to an immigration office, but I would rather show up at the airport an hour earlier and have it dealt with... This will save a trip to the immigration office... hanging out there (or nearby) for a few hours and then a trip back to your hotel...

Hope it works out ok for you!


It would best to not allow yourself to overstay, the process is easy, once you arrive here your passport is stamped for 21 days so if you plan to stay longer go on the date on your passport not a day before because they will not give you an extension it has to be on the date on your passport, then pay for the 38 day extention which is around 2800-3200 pesos, the process will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how many people are there waiting. To save time and money just try to follow the rules and you won't have any troulbes. There are many, many expats here who are on the overstayed status and once they try to leave they will have huge problems, I'm talking about those who stay 6 months to years on the overstayed status and some may even go to jail and get deported once they get caught but that's the extreme so for you don't worry about that, just pay the 1,000 pesos fine and be careful next time. I hope this helped take care and God bless.

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