Outdoor activities, get out of BAKU !!!!!!

Hello you all,

have you been outside of Baku yet? What do you do on your weekends? I would love to start a group to spend weekends in the beautiful regions, outside of Baku. How about renting a car, visiting villages, hike up mountains, walk along lonely roads, and maybe camping ? I am 39 years old, female, and I work during the week but would love to actually do some active stuff in Azerbaijan ! So much to see - will you join me?


I would like to join

Hi Angela,
I'm just new in Azerbaijan and would like to join you, hope we can make a sizeable group.
Walter too...Angela..I would like to join with u...thanks

ok I am sending you my phone number. Call me on Wednesday or Thursday. There are some groups going out of Baku, all expats. I think we can join them.

Hi Angela
We would be interested in joining too. We have been in Baku a week and a half now.

Hi Angela,

Greetings, Good day from Vinny. I have recently moved to Baku. Its been only a month now and so far its been awesome. I teach Mathematics in a high School and am looking at some outdoors, travelling outside of Baku, exploring nearby towns and socials, pot luck lunch/dinners with fellow expats over the weekends. Before moving to Baku I was in NewZealand, India, Mexico & Kazakhstan.

Look fwd 2 catching up with you guys soon.



Hey, im kingsley nd i want in

I want to join ! (I am new and do not know anyone yet)

I need a friend from baku?

Hello Olad -> What about an introduction? :)

Thank you,

Hi. I'll traveling to Baku on 1st August for 2 weeks and would really like to join some outdoor activities or any fun events in Baku... Are there any groups? Please give me a shout. Leila

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