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una posizione di responsabilitÓ con personale a mia disposizione per migliorare performance e qualitÓ dei prodotti.

I would like to find a forward-looking company where I can utilize my experience and skills to help my company to improve quality, production and share my background with my collegues to improve their capacity, and also advance in my career.
My preference is for production manager, quality manager or maintenance manager, mechanical supervisor, but I will consider other offers.

Skills Summary
Expert in the use of traditional and CNC milling and lathe, radial and belt drilling.
Welding - wire, oxyacetylene and electrode.
Licensed to drive a fork lift truck.
All hand tools.
Gregarious and sociable, good with people. I am a willing and effective teacher and am pleased to pass on my skills to others.
My main abilities are in calculating the machine time, the methods needed to achieve a high standard of quality, problem-solving both in the workshop and on site, and re-using the material at my disposal.
Employers and customers will appreciate me for my seriousness and diligence, and for the high quality of my work.
USA visa B2 expires 2026.
High school graduate electrical technician with A .

Work experience
December 2011 to present:
TMCI Padovan Spa Supervisor on installation of machines for production of margarine and margarine/butter blends. Organize the project and coordinate tasks among teams including other contractors.
I travel the world including the USA, Canada, Germany, Iran, China, Poland,Italy, Greece,Turkey and Tunisia to install these very complex systems, building experience and rapport with different customers and improving my skills.
Installation of large systems, utilizing my problem-solving abilities and satisfying the customer; inspiring the utmost confidence, cooperation and a basis for future relations. I adapt to any situation: lack of equipment, unfavourable environment, demanding customers; compensating with experience and imagination and a lot of patience.
I m in charge also for maintenance when customer need it and maintenance training to customer team in the end of commissioning.
In these 6 years I given a big contribute to my company; using my experience and my skills to improve quality of our product and made more profitable any onsite installation, reducing timing, optimize space and collaboration with contractor, teaching my team how to work in customers sites, and improving quality of our system and customer satisfaction too .
Report to my engineering office about all problem I got during installation and solution for future system reducing problems and saving money.
May 2004 to December 2011:
GMI srl, Vittorio Veneto (TV) mechanical supervisor for production laser machine used for laser embroidery.
When owner showed to me his goal, I was thrill; he hasked to me to build a brand new mechanic workshop in a software house, bring 4 new guys from high school and make them really good mechanical installer, in 3 years, I DID IT.
This is a very specialized sector, always in search of new ways to increase the productivity of machines while maintaining the quality of the finished product. My responsibilities included the mechanical assembly of the machine, testing all the parts and preparing for shipment, including packaging for loading on trucks or in containers.
Occasionally I dealt with the initial installation for the client in cases where it was non-standard and my expertise was needed, exemple: we build in Turkey a Laser system Long 30 mt, large 10 mt and High 4 mt.
I also supervised and taught my colleagues during the various stages of assembly and repair, increasing their abilities to solve problems that might occur when carrying out work at the client's premises.
My travels for this position included China, Germany and Turkey.
January 2002 to May 2004:
O.M.S.A. Conegliano (TV) - Level 5 sheet metal die assembly mechanic. The company produces moulds and dies for the electrodomestic and automotive industries.
My responsibilities included producing proper functioning moulds requiring great care and precision during assembly and maintenance, with tolerances to one-hundredths. I built my experience at OMSA working with expert colleagues, refining my skills and acquiring many new and useful techniques.
September 1991 to January 2002:
N.B. Meccanica, Ceggia (VE) - Machine tool fitter and operator. Steel plants and machinery, starting from timber construction, to processing, painting and finishing the assembly including plant design, shipping and installation.
My initial grading was level 4, changing after 2 years to level 5 when I was transferred to the assembly, painting and shipping department.
Having started the job alone, I was then given the support of a single colleague. This was increased to two and finally to eight in the space of 5 years. My grade was then increased to level 7 and I was promoted to manage and supervise my colleagues.
I learned about the movement of large objects by crane and forklift, hydraulic plant assembly (pneumatic, oil and electrical), welding, carpentry and loading components into containers and on trucks.
I learned to relate well and communicate effectively with my colleagues, to build a team and create a peaceful working environment.
July 1989 to September 1991:
Ital Lamiere spa, Usmate (Mi) - Level 3 sheet metal cutter for the first year, moving to level 4 internal electric maintenance. The company, a former part of the IRI group, is in the sheet metal cutting industry.
This job enabled me to learn about technical failure and troubleshooting, and how to resolve technical problems.
November 1984 to July 1989:
MFM, Monza - Began as an apprentice, then as a machine tool operator. The company specializes in the manufacture of small metal constructions and combustion engines for modelling.
In addition to learning how to use traditional machines, I was among the first to learn the newly introduced computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools. I also learned oxyacetylene welding and small aluminium foundry work.

Graduated from high school Monza IPSIA in 1984 as an electromechanical installer.

Personal skills and characteristics
I am a non-smoker and take care of my health.
I like running and mountain biking.
I love reading (fiction) and good food. Slow food member.
Married since 2002 to Monica and have two daughters aged 15 and 13 years.
Reference contact

Richard Dick Bergstrom 001 636357 5111
Michael C. Willson 001 919 606 2440

UK :
Jonathan Selman 0044 7753498735

Roberto Zanurro 0039 3404160451
installatore elettromeccanico.
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