Vivir con tu familia en la India

Hoy os invitamos a compartir vuestras experiencias sobre las relaciones personales y la vida en el extranjero.

¿Vives con tu familia en la India? ¿La has formado allí?

Explícanos el impacto que ha tenido en tu relación familiar vivir en el extranjero.

Si tienes una receta mágica, compártela. Vuestra experiencia ayudará al resto de la comunidad.


Search for your own house where you going to live. You can find something similar to your house..Make sure your driver speaks 100% english. Go and register at hospital where your medical insurance are contracted with. We used the Columbia Asia group for hospital best. Find supermarket where you can buy your groceries its one of the hardest as foreigner to find. There are quite a lot of good supermarkets. For house wife there are always a group of foreigner women in most of the cities find them on internet FB who live in india. Or ex paths in India.good luck also make sure your FRO papers and always renew them 30 days before time.

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