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Prix 1000 Yen
Adresse Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Veuillez contacter Chloe
Description :
My partner and I moved to Japan 3 months ago with our lovely cat and we are looking for a new trustworthy cat sitter for when we are on holidays.
It is very simple, the person just need to feed, brush, cuddle and play with our cat during each visit, and spend overall 1-2 hours with the cat every day.
An alternative option would be for the person to live in our flat while we are away (very nice flat!) or the job can be share between 2 persons.
Visit: 1-2 hour / day or live in the flat
Price: we offer 1000 Yen / day public transportation fees
Place: Ebisu
Who: Loukoum – she is very friendly. She is usually not too shy and love to be cuddled.
Dates: 6, 7 and 8 of October and/or
15 to 24 of November
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