Greece Golden Visa


My husband and I have been doing research and have emailed a few attorneys (but waiting for replies).  We are interested in purchasing a home in Greece and follow the steps to obtain the Golden Visa.

We are US citizens and "would like to know if we need to First need to obtain a VISA D (or C) from the Greek Consulate"?   We have been reading conflicting information regarding that topic.  Some websites say that a Passport entry stamp will work and other sites state that anyone going for the Golden Visa has to get an entry visa from Greek consulate.

We'd prefer to just travel to Greece with our passports....

Thank you in advance for any assistance!!

It looks like you posted this in August and thus may have solved your problem, but for some reason it hit my email today, and I thought I would offer advice. I started a cohousing group of internationals who are interested in building a cohousing village in Greece,, and most of us are getting Golden Visas, so I have done a large amount of research and have not only consulted attorneys but been to Ministries. The best way to do this is not to bother anymore with researching but simply to go to a very good attorney and she/he will take care of you. The process is actually quite easy and simple and straightforward and takes around 45 days ideally I am an immigration attorney in the US and you may not agree it is easy, but it really is relative to other countries). Due to the pandemic, there are some former requirements to do things in person that have been eliminated and other things streamlined and can be done online and through your attorney, so there is very little you cannot do from home except one step.--- Know this however, all that information I gave and the price of a Golden Visa is changing soon in 2023. Mitzotakis has announced that the Golden Visa price is doubling, to 500,000. The legislature will take up this legislation and soon change things pretty dramatically to make it more expensive and harder to get a Golden Visa-- although it is still the very best deal in all of Europe to get permanent residency and have an awesome life in beautiful Greece. Good Luck!


will cohousing help me?


Hi David! Cohousing is such a wonderful type of neighborhood that there are waitlists-- once people move in they don't move out. But it is not for everyone. The best way to know if it is for you is to go to our website. We have an information coffee each Friday if you want to hear more. I am not an agent and receive no economic gain from this, but I am the founder, and we do have an information coffee each week if you want to sign up. There are cohousing communities around the world you can look at as well. The US, UK, Australia, Denmark, and Netherlands, all have cohousing associations that all the cohousing communities belong to, and there are directories on the association's websites of all the communities in that country.