Middle Name Not on Birth Certificate

I received a message from the Brazilian Consulate about my middle name not being on my birth certificate but on my passport.  My middle name is just a religious confirmation name at some point during my childhood, but it is not on any official birth certificate or name change document.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this issue with the Brazilian consulate.

We could not process your visa because your birth certificate does not show your middle name. The name on your passport needs to match the name on your birth certificate OR you need to show us an official name change document.
It appears you have what is called an Informational Birth Certificate issued by the hospital. This is not "official" or "certified".
The state official records where you were born will have your records.
Go to the State's official site and you can obtain a certified copy of your BC. Be sure you ask for the "long form!
I have a related question. My passport lacks my second last name that is on my birth certificate. Will that cause problems?

My official birth certificate from the state does not contain my middle name, which is what is causing the issue

My official birth certificate from the state does not contain my middle name, which is what is causing the issue
- @californiainbrazil

I have to ask, how did you get a passport with names that do not match your birth certificate? If you have legal documents for the additional name, I would think that  would be enough, no?
I agree. Your passport is the key and you should be fine as long as mother's and father's first. middle and last name is on the BC

My official birth certificate from the state does not contain my middle name, which is what is causing the issue
- @californiainbrazil

Is it a certified BC? 
08/17/22 @californiainbrazil  You're in an area where the Consulate has a great deal of discretion, so you'll need to be at your most diplomatic to ease that discretion your way.

I agree with Ray and Tex:  your passport should by rights be the determinative document.  My own name on my passport is a little different from the way it appears on my birth certificate and it's never been an issue, at the Consulate or anywhere else.

it's unfortunate that you have to deal with this through email:  it's much easier to handle successfully in person.  One approach is to make the point in the mildest manner possible that people in the United States can use legally use several variations of their names, as long as its not for fraudulent purposes.  Since you can't realistically change either your birth certificate or your passport, try to convince them to base all of your Brazilian documents on your passport.  Realize that in Brazil, that will then be your only name.

I assume that your Social Security card matches your birth certificate, as mine does.  If you've used your middle name all your life, presumably you have documents, like pay  stubs or W2s or cover letters for the covid stimulus payments, that show your name, including your middle name, and your SSN on the same document.  You may be able to build a bridge with those documents from your birth certificate to your passport through your Social Security Card that the Consulate is willing to accept.
It's true the Consulates vary widely in discretion and demeanor. I have dealt with 2 different ones. The first was quite cold and didn't seem to care a lot. The second one in Atlanta GA was marvelous. The people were very warm and considerate. I'm glad that is the same one l will be dealing with for my permanent resident visa.

Yes, it is a certified birth certificate, issued in the past couple of weeks.
Thanks everyone for the information and advice.  I will contact the consulate with the additional information suggested and see if they can proceed or if not, ask for alternatives.  Will post the outcome.
I would agree with abthree and Ray. If it is the long form issued by the State, You Consulate should have the discretion in accepting such.

Appreciate all the advice.  I submitted multiple documents to the consultate, such as my social security card, college transcripts, bank statements, and utility bills, to show that my middle name has been all my primary documents throughout my life, even though it is not on my birth certificate.   As suggested, I simply explained the situation and asked for consideration given the norms in the US with assigning middle names after birth.

After submitting the documents, I was informed that my case was going to be escalated to a consular officer and to be patient.  I did receive a positive response that they were going to proceed with processing my application and that my full name (including middle name), as shown on the passport, would be the name used for the visa application process and review.

09/01/22 @californiainbrazil.  Congratulations!  We love happy endings around here, and happy beginnings even more.  Best of luck with the rest of your planning.   Thanks for sharing.

09/01/22 @californiainbrazil. Congratulations! We love happy endings around here, and happy beginnings even more. Best of luck with the rest of your planning.  Thanks for sharing.
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Congrats. It's good to know there are sensible people in your Consulate.

We hope all goes well in Brasil.