Can I work with just Annex19 while waiting for orange card


I got a job offer in Belgium based on I am legally allowed to work in Belgium. So i recently moved to Belgium with my wife who is non Belgian but EU citizen.  We were told my wife needs to have a job before I can be registered and refused to accept my job contract as substitution for my wife's. We got registered anyways but on the condition that my wife will provide a job contract within 90 days. My wife was given an annex19 which has a personal number on it. I was also given an annex19 but without a personal number. I was told I will have personal number after the police check.  Police has checked and approved us, but we have not heard back from the commune for my orange card after about a week. My question is can I already work with the Annex19 issued to me without personal number on it ? My job resumption is next week. Thank you