Looking for new friends. I live in Russia (Moscow)

I want to find interesting people from America. I am interested in THIS (creating my own website), the treatment of oncology and other diseases due to regressive psychology, I am writing a novel that I want to publish and film in the future. I also like to play sports and read books (my favorite novel is "Sister Kerry" by Theodore Dreiser), at the moment I'm reading "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk. I will be glad to meet and chat. I will even be happy to communicate with the help of paper letters and postcards.

Hi Angelina,

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If I understand correctly, you are not planning to move to the US but to chat and meet American people, right? In that case, you could drop an advert on the USA classifieds > Friendship section.

I hope that you will soon make some new friends.

Expat.com team

hi, Angelina my name is carlos nice to chat with you the time here is 2:08 pm
Hi, What are you doing right now?
Hi Angelina,

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