Work Permit???


I'm 20, a dive professional, from the UK and currently in talks with a employer in Gran Canaria.

They are saying that they don't want the hassle of giving me a proper contract and going through immigration to get me working over there, instead to go over for 3 months and fly under the radar with a company/private insurance.

This seems way too risky to me, I would prefer the real deal. The turn around is quick, wanting me there in 2 weeks (which I would do).

What are your opinions?

@holdboyes They can contract you as an independent consultant initially, but you definitely shouldn't agree to going under the radar, there are too many dodgy companies like that, consult first and then if it works out you can look to move onto an employed situation which will involve paperwork for them.

@holdboyes if they dont hassle it means they dont really need you. I myself will never relocate w/o a proper deal written and signed. Just to be in safe side and for your career, future, state of mind, etc. I dont see any excuse from their side to do not proceed with the papers if they want to hire you. It's just damn logical for me.

One simple word.....


If you get caught and the chances are high, you will get into a lot of trouble and have a good chance of not being able to ever work in the country legally again.
Thanks to everyone who's replied.

Yeah, I think it seems wayyyy too risky and I don't feel comfortable with it.

It looks like I'll be declining the offer 👍🏻

@holdboyes do not go with a sharp decision on your own. Allow some more additional tine and discuss with them a possible negociation to lead you to a proper deal. Squeeze them. See what they have put aside for you. Good luck!

Is job offered Industrial or tourist diving?