Getting Counter Offers

Hi all,

I have a question about single permits. I am already working at a Belgian company with a single permit (let's say Company 1), but I recently had another offer and I had accepted it (let's say Company 2).

My notice period is 5 weeks, so I haven't mentioned to Company 1 that I'll be leaving, because the new single permit application would take up to 3 months. Company 2 applied for my new permit, and it was approved as well.

When I told Company 1 that I'd be leaving, they wanted to make a counter offer, and I might actually want to take it. However, now that the new single permit is approved, I don't know if I would need to apply for a new new single permit with Company 1 — that is, is my current single permit with Company 1 cancelled automatically when a new one with Company 2 is approved?

I don't want any employment gaps for my residence, so I'm trying to figure out if this counter offer could be an option or not. Does anyone have experience with counter offers?

If a company counter offers you, should they not then provide you with this information. I think it would be best to enquire at company 1 and they should assist you as part of the counter offer.