Holiday attestation

With my current employer I still have 10 paid holidays not taken on the end of july, in august I join a new employer, so the old employer will paid to me the value of 10 holidays along with the attestation, lets say the amount will be 1000 euro for 10 days, however the old employer will have to deduct a 100 euro from these 1000 euro because a small damage in the company car (after car inspection), lets also say that this 100 euro will cover 1 day of holiday, is this mean tbat with the new employer I will have to take 9 paid days ?  and if I work that 1 day in new employer ,is that mean I recover that 100 euro lby working that day?
My final goal I want to recover that 100 euro by not taking holiday with the new employer since I will transfer all my holidays to it.
You are mixing things. Why do you calculate and mix 10 and 1 day blah blah??

General and simple rule. The old one will pay you and give the certificate of which the amount that he paid you.

If you would like to take these as holidays when working with the new employer then you give them the certificate and they will deduct your salary the exact amount that the old employer paid you, for the exact number of transfered holidays. Even if you then do not take that transferred holidays, the new employer will not pay you anything as indeed you get paid by the old one already.

If you dont want to transfer, do not submit the attestation and just work without transferred holidays.

Does not make any sense to me to understand the word “recovering that money”. Either way you lost it, is not it?

Hi @Peterjohn123 Thanks for the reply. It is clear.