Moving to Spain when having remote job

Hi, i have a question. Is it easy to move to spain when you have remote job in another country like germany. Will I get NIE easily? What are steps after arriving? Do I get NIE and then apply for self employment? How are the taxes paid, I assume I only start need pay them after staying in spain for 6 months?
I suppose if you are from the European Union yo just have to get " autónomos" that is how you are called if you work for yourself. I f you are "autónomos"
You get these papers al the Social Security "Seguridad social" then you are working legally and you can bill, and of course you have to pay "IVA" ( another tax ) on everything you sell or service you do. You also have to pay from 200 or less a month, for "autónomos status" I am not sure, then if you are going to live here you will have to do your year's income tax.
I am sure they will have that information en la pagina web de ESTRANJERIA O LA DE LA SEGURIDAD SOCIAL. They have it en English as well or go to a Agency - GESTORIAS-AND THEY CAN DO ALL THE PAPER WORK FOR YOU. a

If you want to become a citizen you will have to past some test, one of then is a B1 level in Spanish. I am a teacher and prepare people to pass that test as well as learning the language for day to day reasons.
I am Spanish, from Castilla, so I have the best accent. I am bilingual because I lived 20 years in London and California. I also teach English.
see you


Just in case, that you are currently employed by one employer and not work for serveral clients/customers:
It's important to keep in mind, that similar rules that you have in germany when you are self employed also apply to spain. So you are not allowed to just work for one client/customer when you are self employed because this would be considered as fake self employment.

I had to deal with this myself and now my employer employed me via remote
Its easier for both of us. They dont have to be familiar with the legal/tax/etc things of spain and I can stil enjoy all the benefits of being employed.

Could the poster be classed as a "Digital Nomad" ?

@brianthurlborn, I'm not sure because “digital nomads” aren't necessarily employees working from a single location, from what I've heard about fellow translators in Europe.

@Amsel88, for someone to be considered a bona fide employee and not a contractor with multiple clients, I guess an employer of record (EOC) would be required, right?