Wish to migrate to Western Australia

My name is Justice Nalungu. A 32 Year old woman living in Namibia. I am a Human Resources Practitioner by profession with experience of 3 years in the field. I would like to relocate to Australia with my family.  I would like information on getting a job in Australia and the whole process of relocation especially with a young family. I would also like to connect with fellow Namibians who have migrated, thank you.
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I suggest you first read the Australia Guide located under Discover at the top of this page.
Take the time to read other posts here too.

Hi @Nawa David I suggest you start by knowing the city or part of Australia you will like to relocate to. Afterwards, get in touch with an agent for the whole process, because it takes a lot of details to relocate as an individual, talk more of a family. I can help if you don't mind.

Hello Tumi Solange,

If you don't mind, can you please tell us how exactly you can help Nawa David? 1f914.svg

Are you currently living in Australia? If yes, for how long now?


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@Tumi Solange

Thanks for your kind reply.

Some of my Australian friends told me through work visa can be an easy process for relocating the residence compared to PR

If you know of any trustable job agencies, please let me guide.

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The best would be to gather information from trustable government websites such as https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/w … -australia where you will find all the information you need regarding visas.

You may also read the Visas in Australia where you will find a selection of articles on visas in Australia.

Maybe you could also ask your friends what steps they took to complete their migration to Australia 1f609.svg

If you are looking for jobs you may check the page Jobs in Australia, where you can create a CV and interested employers will contact you. You may  take a look at the latest job offers in Australia as well.

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Thank you for your guidance.