Working for a company of Netherlands with F card of Belgium

Hello everyone. Hope all are doing good. I just wana know if someone has worked with F card of Belgium, in Netherlands. If some one has personal experience or knowledge, kindly share. Thank you very much :)
No personal experience but as far as I know Fcard only allow to live/work in belgium.

@ABS25 If your partner is a cross-border worker (BE ->NL) you follow the same rights. As a result, you can also work as a cross-border worker in the Netherlands with your F-card. Your dutch employer doesnt need to apply for a work permit for you. You only need to apply for a BSN number (for tax registration). You also need a dutch health insurance besides of your Belgian one (which is quite costly). If your partner is not a cross-border worker I think the dutch employer needs to obtain a work permit for you. This is as far as my knowledge goes.