S pass application - no records found


My S pass application was submitted by an agency on 30 May, 2022, still it shows " No records found" online. I contacted MOM and they had advised me to contact my agency. I was informed by agency to wait for few more days. I need your suggestion Guys.

@Byrav99 its been a month and still no record found? This means your agent have not applied for your pass yet.

Agents are not known for honesty or helpful service.
Especially if they charged you for the visa application (which is not allowed under Singapore law - the application and agency fees must be fully borne by the employer), they are certainly scammers and there is no application or even job for you.
It is always better to deal with the employer directly, without agent!
It could be true that your Agent submit your application BUT its not successful due to some reasons. Maybe requirement issues or due to the 28days posting rule before hiring foreigners might be the cause of delay but still your agent should tell you about it. Because if submission is successful you will see your pending status on MOM website.

My agency sent me an application submitted copy with a reference number.


They sent an application submitted copy https://photos.app.goo.gl/AYEGcrwUP2eew9Z57 . It if it is fake, Can MOM find it? I contacted MOM with this application receipt, they advised me to contact employer/ agency. Do you think still it is fake? Is there anyway to verify the application reference numbers? 


Please use this link to check --

Byrav99: So it seems they have applied for your work pass. Then what is the problem?
Usually paid amount will display with the submission.
I think something wrong with submission

But it doesn't show online after a month?

Yes, I use that link... No records found
@marvin puckrin

Do you have the sample or other's submission copy?

@Byrav99 yes. I do have

But it doesn't show online after a month?
- @Byrav99
Then your employer should contact MoM to figure out what went wrong.

Is it true that MOM customer support can't verify visa application untill it shows pending? Even they are not able to check application reference number is valid or not.
Byrav: I don't know what MoM's customer support can see or do. But I know that they usually only deal with the employers (which are their "customers") and not the job seekers.

@Byrav99 how is your S pass status? do you see pending status or Approved?

@high Superman

No.. Still " No record found ".
Byrav: If after SIX WEEKS your application still does not show up in MoM's system, there is something seriously wrong - the longest I heard before was two weeks!
Your employer (or ther agent) should urgently contact MoM to find out what is happening.
Keep in mind that, without being in the system, the application also is not processed and the time is lost.

It was a fake submission form. Complaint has been lodged against him. Singapore police is investigating. I will share the scammer details.


Such scams are quite common - as there are plenty of job-seekers despeate enough to fall for them.
That's why I always recommend to avoid "agents" and only deal with employers directly!