Interested in working in Malta as a registered nurse

Good morning, I'm Ruth by name, from Nigeria. I am currently working in Nigeria as a registered Nurse. I am interested in working in Malta as a registered nurse but I do not know how long the process will take me from registration to getting a job and finally landing in Malta. Please i need someone to put me through on this journey.
Thank you.
Hi Ruth,

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Hope that someone can help you really soon. Meanwhile, I would suggest that you read the Living in Malta guide. It will give you a general idea of life in Malta in terms of visas, work, formalities, accomodation, etc.

Vero team
Hi Ruth,
You could try applying here

St James is Malta's largest private hospital, they should be able to guide you.
Good luck
Ok thank you for the information

Yes, St James is also looking. It's a wonderful hospital, I'd love to work there too!
Good luck!
Dr Beth