Moving to Iceland is possible or not

Hello I want to ask for help if possible I want to move in Iceland if possible I don't have any support or someone know there 
To be honest I think you will find it impossible. 
Hello emmycriss1,

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What are our questions exactly, what would you like to know?

Vero team

@Vero  hello I would like to know what the way to get Iceland Visa and working permit and jobs 

What is going on w/the completely booked hotels in Akureyri?? Almost NOTHING is available after a certain time this summer. Has the gov. gone and banned hotels for awhile or what??
Also, looking for a place to rent - maybe. Long term, no tourist drama.
Hello everyone,

If you are looking for move to Iceland, you will find some information on the Government website : … n-iceland/

Please go through the information provided to get residency and jobs.

Question ? : What job are you interested in ?