Junior or Remote Software Dev. Work

Hello, I am currently in the US to work and save money, as well as finish school with an internship or 2 (although after my prerequisites the remainder of school can be done online) and plan on moving back to Italia to be closer to my children since they live with their mother who has no plans on moving here since we are separated.

I have lived in Trapani for 4 years in total and speak the language fluently with an unlimited status on my Permesso and am eligible for dual-citizenship.

If anyone has any openings for a junior developer position I have my CV/resume available. The format of my cv is formatted for US based companies, but I can translate all of the information if need be into Italian. My current focus in the software development industry is based around mobile development and specifically on the Android platform utilizing Java and Kotlin (Kotlin mostly).

My LinkedIn is:
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If you are looking for work then check out the Jobs in Italy section. You can place your CV there.

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