My company In Malaysia has applied Visa Profesional Visit Pass for me , as per them they have given all the information required by ESD on 23th May  .

after 25th  MAY The Status Show Defferal .

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@panehelde43  - May i know current status of your application?? Actually  I am in the same situation. :(

@sharrarat007  hi,  what is ur application status.  Im stuck at deferral status also since 17 August 2022.


I am in the same boat.

Since June 27th Deferral.

Still waiting.

I believe there is just a big backlog and not enough people to process all the applicants in a timely manner


I believe that once in deferral it is going to take a long time to fix.

Mine went to deferral in June 27th and I am now in mid September and they still are unable to tell me when it will be approved.

I have heard from other people, groups etc that 3 months in deferral is sort of the norm


finally My EP is Approved.....

@panehelde43 good news.

So it was like  end of may, june, july, august and then mid september right?

3+ months?

@panehelde43 Glad to hear that... congrats and good luck for next phase of your life. How much time they took from Pass Approval stage to Approved?

@802R yes.... 3 months

@802R I gotten my pass.



Can you please tell how long it took for EP stage 1 and then visa stamping ?

@802R I have gotten my pass.
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Congratulations! 1f601.svg

@panehelde43 congratulations 🎊