Polygamy for foreigners

I know that there is a draft law for Egyptian men who want to take second wives, which involves notifying the first wife by mail about the marriage. In my understanding, since it is a draft law, it is not fully in effect or applicable yet. Also, the law applies to Egyptian men who marry Egyptian women as second wives, as I understand.

So what I am trying to find out is, if a married Egyptian man wants to take any foreigner as a second wife, will the guys in laghzouly follow the draft law and send notification via mail to the first wife? Or will they just reject the request to marry altogether? Or will they allow the marriage of the couple normally and not even follow the draft law at all? I really want to know how this would go.

Also want to mention that the foreign bride is of a nationality whose country doesn't recognize polygamy, but she lives in Egypt permanently with no desire or intention to leave. So could this also potentially block a marriage at laghzouly? Because the marriage won't be "valid" in her country of origin?