Living in Egypt


I visit Egypt for holidays. 

The company where I am working have a subsidary in Egyppt. I am thinking seriously to go settle down there as an expat.  

I need your advises and recommandations please for a single woman, for security, safety, health, entertainment, costs, ....

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Hello CDieme59 it all depends on the place you want to settle down in , say the city you will stay and I will share my recommendation to you 

All the best x
Hi @CDieme59,

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Do you have more information to give us about your project? The more precise are your questions, the easier for the other members to help!

Hi @Mina Zaki,

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Vero team

Thanks for reply. 
I would like to come and stay working there for 6 months. The company where I am now working, have a subsidary in Cairo. So, I would liké to request to change my living country, from France to Egypt for 6months. 
Hope this IS clear :) 
@CDieme59 I am in the same situation, want to settle down in Egypt (Alexandria).

I already know that you can only open a bank account in Egypt if you have a 1-year residency visa, which you have to show in the bank.

We need to find out how to get the 1-year residency visa first. If you find out something let me know.
Have you settled yet or still need help?
Hello Time Walk85,

Feel free to share on the forum how you can be of any help. 1f609.svg


Cheryl team

@Cheryl oh well i thought it's depending on the person needs at the moment but i can help sharing my knowledge of Cairo since I'm native Egyptian about places to go where to stay , i also can help as a translator if needed , i even own an apartment can give for rent with a fair price , I can help in many ways:)