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I'm Angee Licaa, I'm 27 years old this year. I'm doing business in canvas, printing cups, printing shirts, printing blankets, ... and some other items. However, at that time, my items were very few people interested. While I also hire some paid ads to make my items sell better. But I feel like I'm burning money, even if I run paid ads, it's not good. Can anyone give me advice on business experience? I really need practical advice from you guys.
Thanks for share
This is an expatriation forum, not a business advice forum.  There are schools and many resources online that teach and explain business practices.
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I am not sure we will be able to provide this kind of business advise here 1f615.svg Keep up the hard work!

I just saw you introduced yourself on another thread, thank you for that ! I hope you can share your experience in the US with other members.

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