Working as a teacher

I'm from the UK and will be working in Egypt as a maths teacher from September.

I have shown the school my original degree certificates but they have asked to keep the original copy of my degree until the end of my contract.

Is this common ? More importantly are they allowed to do this?

@RAMI Elakkad 

Once you want to leave, they might keep your certificate....
@RAMI Elakkad 

Your certificate gives them security that you will finnish your contract and do what they tell you to do. Maybe you discover a certain dishonesty,  you want to leave  but then you can't cause they got your certificate.

And trust me they will keep for a certain amount of time

Ok that's interesting.

Yes, sometimes they want to keep everything, certificate, marriage certificate etc… But you can explain to them that you need them back for different reasons. It worked for us.