Who can recommend a company that recruit drivers from US?

Hi! I am driver from Germany, and I want to work in US as a driver. Who can recommend recruiting company that can help with this?
@nbystrov0 I have a positive experience with LogLink. They recruit drivers from EU to US, help with documents, insurance, tickets etc.

You will work as a subcontractor, but they always in touch. And a big benefit is that they don't demand money for recruiting.

@iraklit hi! Thank you for your answer. How long the process of recruiting lasts? What about conditions of living and a day schedule? 

@nbystrov0 HI! SORRY FOR A LONG ANSWER. What about conditions: they give you a new car (2019 year)  with truck. You will atached to his car during all your contract, At the day you work, at night you csleep there (pretty comfartable, a lot of space, big matrass). The more you work the more you earn. You eat and have shower on gas stations. Food costs about 1000$ per month, shower is clean like in hotels. 

Hello, I'm Pierre Angelet, I'm Haitian, I'm a mason, I'm a potter.  I have 6 years of experience can you help me find a US company to give me work and help me get an H2B visa

@Pierre Angelet Hi Pierre! Google "Log Link Club"

@nbystrov0 Hopefully, someone will answer your question. If you are mentioning any website make sure you are well aware of their terms and conditions and that you have worked with them or are working with them. And I think it's essential to answer the following question as well to remove any ambiguity. Do you need the experience to work as a driver? Can you apply from any country? Do they send you a visa as well? Also mention salary package, working time etc. These questions can help other people as well.

Hello! Thanks to everyone who asked. 

I used Iraklit's advice and get in touch with LogLink. Almost 3 weeks I've been working in US as a truck driver. I wanna describe my experience to help other people.

So initially I had 2-step interview with LogLink. It turned out they are cool guys, they work as a representive  department of transporting company located in US. When I was hired, I got all instructions, they helped me with visa and tickets.

Whan I came to US, I made driver license in one day, than my internship began. My coach Alex was very friendly and professional. During internship you have 50$ a day. In 7 days I started to work by myself. To be honest, it's pretty heavy to drive all the day, but after several days you start to accomplish.

About paycheck: you earn as much as you work, it's a % from grosses. At the first week of work I earned 1500$, at the second week 2000$. Payment every week. 

@nbystrov0 Hello I tried to contact log link several times but they do not answer, do you have a number to reach them please thank you

@Jeremy97450 I contacted them on this number +***

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