Hi Everyone, my name is Don.

I am very interested on a forum dealing with Mazanillo, I've been to Mexico many times and I'm looking for something different from Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta over the years the noise pollution has become unbearable in both those cities. I love the culture and the people I'm just looking for something a bit more quiet but a big enough city so there is still enough things to do, I've been to Mazanillo only once before some 15 years ago, I would really enjoy following a forum and get some great info on what it is like there at the moment.

Thank you and Salud everyone.

Welcome to the ex-pat and the Mexican part of the forum.

Considering that Manzanillo is a major port and business area. quiet wouldn't be very likely. It wouldn't be much different from the other two places you talk about being tired of.  I would suggest you look at downscaling your ideas. 

I have traveled through Mexico for years. Started looking to buy in 2016.
Sadly, seems as if everyone else had the same idea:( $$$

I started diving when Playa del Carmen barely existed and my destination was always Cozumel. Saying that its changed is beyond understatement.

I bought a home in the Lakeside area, Jalisco. A colonial that I'm updating. Its a base.

PV and Mazatlan are too party town for me. I have looked in San Pancho, Punta Mita, Bucerias $$$.

I drove through Baja and enjoy the corridor and La Paz but, man, is it hot. And the prices in Cabo are gettimg out of reach. That would be my choice if it were more affordable. Loreto, Todos Santos.

I can take a couple of hours and make the coast (Manzanillo) from here. Its not a bad choice as are and Ixtapa and Zihuatenejo.
I enjoy Oaxaca. And Huatulco.
I grew up in Silicon Valley. Feels like I've been running from the crowd since college.
This area makes me feel like a strange assisted living facility. 
Makes me feel as if I'm back to directing hospitals and facilities.

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