How can live in spain

How can get visa to spain 

@osmanabdelrhman511 hi it all depends on which visa you need I've just be granted my non lucrative visa, I applied my self seemed complicated at first but I've managed it 


I want a study visa first, and then I want to be employed and work there, so I want a study visa to know how much it costs
Go on the Spanish consulate website they have all the information on there, have a good read of it and you'll soon find out all the details, if I can sort mine anyone can I'm not the most savi person when coming to deal with paperwork, you'll need things like a course in Spain already a position promised, medical, health insurance, criminal record report (acro) everything need translating and then legalising through Hague of apostille sounds complicated but it's not if you follow guide lines on the website, good luck
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