Ready for a change

My dream has always been to live 12 degrees above or below the equator.  This is where I feel happiest and at peace.  What is important to me:  I live on an island, walking distance from the ocean.

For some time I've known I needed to make a change in my life that makes me happy.  That time has come for me now.

What I have to offer, environmental and engineering expertise, a love of the ocean and it's vast diversity, accounting skills, and me, I'm good at media and public relations but what I like best is science, marine biology, environmental sciences, sailing, swimming, reading and diversity in my life.
I'm a quick study, like new knowledge and experiences.

I don't know how to really explain myself well, meet me, friend me, talk to me, get to know me, see who I am and have to offer - I'm better face to face than on a blog.

I need some advice in how to expat myself and start a new chapter in my life.  Welcome advice, friends and other's thoughts.

Lili Nicole

Hi Lili Nicole!

Welcome to :)


Hi lili nicole!

There's a high demand for qualified people in our environmental sector.  So much so that there are fresh graduates jumping to director positions within 1-2 years of employment.  We really lack experienced people doing the job because they can, as opposed to kids doing the job because there is no other option.

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