Relocating to Egypt informations and tips

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

I hope everyone is doing great. I've just recently found this website, in need of honest help.
The reason why i'm writting this topic, it's because i need your help, your personal advices. I'm thinking about moving to Egypt.
I know, i know. Egypt is going through a very tough situation right now, But, i still think moving to Egypt would be a good idea, at least for me.
I was wondering if I could find a job as a french speaker in Egypt,I have bachelor's degree in translation (French English and Arabic)am considering Alexandria or cairo,because my son needs a special tutoring (dyslexia),and ended finding two centers one in Alexandria and the other one in cairo.
I will grateful to get some advices,thanks a lot

HI yes indeed you can find a French teacher job in Egypt easily 

There a re a lot of international schools that search French teachers not as much as English but still there is market need 

Salaries average varies from a school to another 

I would advise you that you search online for international schools and send them your CVs

The only point I will raise, it is not very comfortable and or legal to work without work permit and I may say all the schools will never acquire you work permit 

Thanks and Kind Regards 

Hello Narimane.A

First you are welcome,you have to find reviews about the two centers you are talking about .

Second try to find a job while you are still there.

I love Alex more than cairo that's why I will recommend it but to be fair cairo job opportunities is better.

Good luck 

Mohamed Essam

Where you coming from and what's the aim. 

Manage your expectations is the most important thing. 

Schools are dear and far and few between with special needs. I know I've been there. 

What's your residency status ? 

Needs to be in order :

1. Job 

2. Permit 

3.  Accommodation 

4. School

5 yrs plan. 

I am an American and I am in need of a manager who speak English as well in my company. The company called SC and its located in Cairo, if interested contact me at ***** Thank you
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@Samer Azmy thank you so much for your help and pertinent advice,good to know that,should I reach for employment agencies or just scrolling through the internet?thanks again 

@ochien thanks very much Mohamed,and yeah I totally agree with you about Cairo vacancies, I'll definitely apply online and see what happens. 

Thanks a lot

@Omar Abdel-Wahab hi,someone helped it out the school thing,he called the center and gave all the infos very quickly, the thing is that my son doesn't speak English or Arabic, so I have to figure out how to handle it,thanks again for your message.

@Spot Clean hi,thank you so much for your help.i truly appreciate.


You are most welcomed, wish you good luck


I recommend you start looking for jobs at international schools in Cairo. You will find lots with high salaries.

Hello, what is you son's mother tongue?
Hello, weigh pros and cons about relocating here. I see some people are suggesting you look for teaching jobs. Beware! Great International schools offering an attractive package are difficult to get into because they will hire certified teachers only, parents pay a lot for their child to get top education so these schools will be picky with their teachers. Other so called International schools may hire you just because you hold a foreign passport and will not care if you are certified or not, have experience or not, and salaries are usually low. Cost of living has been rising a lot lately, and rents are now rocketing, especially in expat-ish areas. Also, Egyptian students can be quite a challenge if you have little or no teaching experience, parents are also difficult to deal with and most schools will stand for them not for you.
If you land a job in a good school and a good package, you can have a really nice life here and Egypt is a beautiful country!
Very good and accurate summary of the situation in the schools in Egypt. 
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