Selling Crêperie Française in Las Vegas


I'm nearing retirement age and I don't know how to sell my French creperie, on Las Vegas Nevada. 

I can't sell it to Americans 😊, and I don't know where in France, Switzerland or Belgium to advertise. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks to all. 

Any reason why you cannot sell to Americans?
Has France placed sanctions on Americans owning Creperies?


Crêperie française 😊

Need to be French to be realistic 

😂😂 not at all don't misunderstand me, but a French Crêperie in my opinion need to be running by a French guy 😊
Maybe the nearest French Embassy may find a buyer for you. 1f642.svg

Good idea 👍 
Owner doesn't have to be French but if not then a good idea if they employ at least 1 French speaking person...Keep your options open.

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just to follow up and clarify 

where the crêperie is located?

how long have you been in the business

how many employees  work in the shop 

what about the gross and the cash flow

i live in southern highland and south of france 

have a great day and take care

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