Looking to buy a small apt in the Belfast area


Has anyone been through the process of purchasing property in NI as an American citizen who will only live there on a part-time basis.  Any hurdles that I need to jump or any suggestions/ideas as to how to move through the process?  Solicitors? Realtors? Paperwork? etc....
Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Difficult one.  Decent housing is always an issue all over the UK; if you can find something you like in an area you like, then unless you're going to pay cash up front, you'll need to overcome the issues of getting a mortgage as a non-resident with no UK credit rating.  My advice would be to come and visit the area for a few weeks (AirBnB?) and before you set off, speak to a few banks/financial institutions to see what the chances are of you raising the finances you may need.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team